Granger-Holladay not accepting some patients of Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Young

It appears that Granger-Holladay is no longer accepting patients of Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Young consistently due to overload.  It is important to establish with a physician for continued medical care.  The sooner you establish the less likely there is to be a break in your care.  Currently if unable to establish with Granger it is recommended to call Olympus Clinic at (801) 277-2682.  You can view their website at


First of all.  What a bundle of changes the end of 2016.  Holladay Family practice ceased to be actively functioning and there was a split.  This was not what was planned or expected but due to HCA wanting to employ the physicians and an agreement with them being signed we sold our space at 999 Murray Holladay Rd. Ste 207, we sold it to Granger in part to guarantee all our employees would have a job.  Following closure of the sale HCA decided the deal was not going to happen causing a severe disruption in our lives.  When I get  chance I will post the letter I sent to patients.