Granger-Holladay not accepting some patients of Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Young

It appears that Granger-Holladay is no longer accepting patients of Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Young consistently due to overload.  It is important to establish with a physician for continued medical care.  The sooner you establish the less likely there is to be a break in your care.  Currently if unable to establish with Granger it is recommended to call Olympus Clinic at (801) 277-2682.  You can view their website at

18 thoughts on “Granger-Holladay not accepting some patients of Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Young”

  1. What a great way to ruin an absolutely amazing practice. I had been a patient at Holladay Family Practice since 1988. My first Dr was Dr Jeppson. Loved him. He retired and I decided to go to Dr Young. Over the years, Dr Young has been nothing short of amazing, caring, accommodating, sympathetic and the best Dr I’ve had. I’ve referred, easily, over 20 patients to him. When he informed my family, he would no longer be seeing patients, we made the decision to try one of the new Drs. The way myself, my husband, my sister, my brother and several others were treated, when they called to make an appointment for illnesses like the flu, strep, basic illnesses, we were all told the same thing, by the very rude woman who has always answered the phone (clearly she kept her job, unfortunately) we are now considered “new patients” and if we need to get in sooner than a month out, we should go to an urgent care, insta care or the ER. Are you kidding me? Clearly, none of us are “new patients”. We’ve all been patients there for so long, we’ve seen all the other Drs when Dr Young was not in. Needless to say, we have ALL changed to a different clinic. The ironic thing is, the new clinic got me in the same day I called. And, oh my gosh, I’m a brand brand brand new patuent and they took great care of me.

      1. Not sure how to respond to this. It was unfortunate what led to the demise of Holladay Family Practice. As more regulations were being implemented by Medicare the employment agreement was meant to give more stability. Unfortunately some organizations have no integrity and what was promised did not happen. It has been difficult for all the physicians involved.

    1. Currently we do not have practice information for Dr. Rasmussen. He is doing urgent care practice. It is recommended patients establish with a new provider either at Olympus Clinic or at Granger-Holladay.

    1. Yes, we are going to post it on this site soon. There is something in the works but not finalized. It will be on a limited basis, but stay tuned.

      1. I can tell you Dr. Young as well as the other doctors who were part a of Holladay Family Practice, care about patients and always wants what is best for them.

      1. The former doctors from Holladay Family Practice are disappointed in what happened to the practice. The planned changes were trying to create stability but for some corporations an agreement isn’t binding even if it is a signed contract and trying to ensure stability backfired.

  2. They destroyed the company they built because they wanted more money. Larsen, Rasmussen, and Young dont care about patients. Thats why you have such little time with them.

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