First of all.  What a bundle of changes the end of 2016.  Holladay Family practice ceased to be actively functioning and there was a split.  This was not what was planned or expected but due to HCA wanting to employ the physicians and an agreement with them being signed we sold our space at 999 Murray Holladay Rd. Ste 207, we sold it to Granger in part to guarantee all our employees would have a job.  Following closure of the sale HCA decided the deal was not going to happen causing a severe disruption in our lives.  When I get  chance I will post the letter I sent to patients.

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      1. I am sure many people have similar questions, and this is not a medical forum but a place where I can answer questions about what happened causing the demise of Holladay Family Practice. I will try and reply when I am able.

    1. Dr. Timothy Young,
      Is there any way that I could speak to you to ask one quick question? It would literally take 3 minutes of your time.

  1. Can you provide me with Dr. Brian Rasmussen’s contact info? I saw him twice a year for my FAA Class I physicals and would like to keep him as my Flight Doc if possible. Thank you.

  2. I am very disappointed in the professionalism of this clinic. Previously a patient of Dr. Rasmussen I was told via letter and on this very page that I could be seen at the clinic by another doctor. When I called to make an appointment I was treated very poorly and without even getting my name or information was told we don’t accept any of Dr. Rasmussen’s patients. I have systemic lupus and take regular medications that am without. I am forced to look for a new doctor on a whim and fight to get the records needed to get my medications. Dr. Rasmussen was very professional and a fantastic doctor that I feel his ex colleagues failed terribly to support his ethics.

    1. I have heard the same things, I was told that they would see patients from the physicians that were no longer there. It is under a new company and they are able to do what they want. I wish you luck on finding a new doctor soon. what actually happened is HCA (St. Mark’s) decided not to honor signed employment agreements leaving some of the doctors without a place to practice. Granger simply bought the space and employed some of the previous physicians. I have heard that they were overwhelmed by the demand on top of systems changing, in addition the direction now comes from a corporate entity in Granger Medical.

  3. I think it is very rude not to accept patients that have seen some of your doctors.My Dr was Taylor Jeppson I know he is retired.But I also saw Dr Danes if I could not get into Jeppson!! I need to get a prescription for *****! I would be paying out of pocket since I am self employed! I need help

    1. It is now a completely different entity. Dr. Jeppson, Dr. Daynes, Dr. Young, and Dr. Rasmussen are not affiliated with Granger Medical- Holladay. The demise of Holladay Family Practice really is unfortunate. I do recommend finding a doctor soon, The doctors at Olympus clinic have good reviews.

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